We Serve Languages

Capturing the essence of your message and recreating it in a language that makes sense to local audiences.

We work with brands, content creators and creative agencies, providing language services with a touch of creativity. 

Our team of linguists will ensure your brand slogans, taglines, marketing campaigns, lyrics, subtitles, apps, games and more, convey the same meaning to every audience, wherever they are in the world.


Your story recreated precisely for every audience.

When it comes to delivering your brand story, word for word translation simply won’t cut it. Whether campaigns above-the-line, below-the-line or B2B comms, our team will take your words and create a localised version that blends your message with the nuances of language, cultural differences and the emotional triggers that will resonate with your audience.




Make sure you get more than just the gist. AI will never replace our human touch.

We don’t believe robots can replace the human eye and brain. That’s why you’ll only find real people at Universalize. Language is so much more than words; it’s emotion, it’s power, and it’s multi-layered. That’s why only humans can add the creativity translation needs to remain true to your original message.




It’s all in the detail.

There are 6,500 languages in the world, many of which have several regional variations. Localisation will help ensure your message means the same to everyone, no matter where they live within your target country. And it goes beyond words; localisation is about imagery & colours in games, ads, and videos. It’s the complete look and feel of your product.


Cultural Insights

Getting to know your audience.

When catering to different regions and cultures, it’s imperative to check that your content and marketing strategy is appropriate and will be well-received. Our specialist insights team use local knowledge to provide a view of current and future trends, helping you understand your target market and ensuring you can influence consumers to embrace your product.


Audiovisual Translation

Looks good. Sounds good.

Translation and transcreation aren’t just limited to the realm of words; they’re also contextual, visual, and audible. Think about subtitles, audiovisual transcriptions, voice-overs, images, apps and videogames. These are all areas that benefit from our expert eye. That’s why we often collaborate with TV and filmmakers in pre-and post-production, helping them create great multilingual content for any region.


Original Content Creation

Original Content

Reinventing your marketing strategy.

Different audiences have different preferences, so it’s possible that your current content strategy may not be a good fit everywhere. Using their creative flair, our talented team will tailor your original content to satisfy your global audiences’ needs, helping you achieve a single, global brand voice.


Original Content Creation

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Women in Localization

At Universalize, we’re proud to be members of Women in Localization and to support their mission of advancing women in the language industry.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

With a vision that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger”, The Akshaya Patra Foundation started its midday meal programme in June 2000 serving food to children in schools across Bangalore, India.

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